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Zipcar's New Ads Want You to 'Tap That' Wherever You Go


A quick and easy way to reserve a car? You'd tap that.

The characters in Zipcar's new, innuendo-filled ad campaign certainly do a lot of tapping. In fact, they tap anything that moves—as long as it's on four wheels and is unlocked by tapping a Zipcard on it.

Three new spots were created without an agency by Zipcar's in-house creative team working with boutique production company Hayden 5. They were directed by Pete Marquis and Jamie McCelland, whose previous work for Hello Flo went megaviral.

"Their work for Hello Flo was definitely something we had noticed, and we felt like their sensibility really meshed with our brand and what we're trying to accomplish," says Zipcar spokeswoman Lindsay Wester.

Check out the spots below.

Client: Zipcar
Chief Marketing Officer: Brian Harrington
Creative Director: Brendan Stephens
Associate Creative Director: Mandy Donovan
Copywriter: Allison Tanenhaus
Art Director: Kali Winkler

Production Company: Hayden 5
Directors: Pete Marquis & Jamie McCelland
Executive Producers: Todd Wiseman, Jr. & Milos Silber
Producer: Oscar Boyson
Casting: Wulf Casting
Editing Company: Beast Editorial
Editors: Karen Kourtessis & Valerie Iorio
Post Producer: Valerie Iorio & Kristine Polinsky
Color: Company 3
Audio Post Production: Hobo Audio
Sound Mixer: Chris Stangroom
Online: Gryphyn VFX

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