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KitKat Has the Best Response So Far to Apple's #Bendgate Scandal


The Internet is getting bent out of shape today over news that Apple's iPhone 6 can get bent out of shape when it's in your pocket. A few brands have latched on to so-called #bendgate with some halfhearted tweets. But so far, it appears KitKat is leading the way with the least objectionable brand tie-in.

It remains to be seen how damaging this issue could be for Apple, but as one observer rightly points out: "You know you're in trouble when you get trolled by KitKat."

UPDATE: A reader astutely reminds us that KitKat is the name of the current version of Android—and indeed, Google and Hershey have been working under an extensive co-branding arrangement. So, it's extra awesome that it's KitKat punking Apple like this.

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