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Ad of the Day: Peugeot Remakes 1984 Ad, Taking the Stunt Driving From Crazy to Insane


In 1984, Peugeot introduced its 205 GTi with a wild, James Bond-esque commercial in which the car was seen being chased down a snowy mountain by an attack helicopter dropping missiles.

Thirty years later, the car maker has finally gotten around to making a sequel vehicle, the 208 GTi. And so, it's upgraded the classic commercial as well—beginning with footage from the original and then taking the stunt driving to ludicrous lengths, with help from some digital trickery.

The spot was produced by agencies BETC and Havas Düsseldorf, and directed by the Andy's through production company WIZZ.

Do not try this at home, or anywhere else.

Here's the original spot:

Client: Peugeot
Brand Management: Guillaume Couzy, Stéphane Levi, Nathalie Le Maitre, Joanna Boutté
Agency: BETC
Agency Manegement: Henri Tripard, Julien Grimaldi, Thomas Boutte, Fabien Idoux
Chief Creative Officer: Rémi Babinet
Creative Director: Vincent Behaeghel
Traffic: Céline Laporte
Strategic Planning: Maria Galleriu, Jean Allary
Creative Team (Havas Düsseldorf): Marcus Herrmann, Oliver Hilbring, Stefan Muhl
TV Producer: Thibault Blacque-Belair
Production Company: WIZZ
Sound Production: Gum
Directors: The Andys

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