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Billy Eichner Rips Burger King for 'Stealing' His Act, and McDonald's Piles On


Billy Eichner's persona on his show Billy on the Street is so memorable that as soon as fans saw the Burger King ad below, they immediately thought of Eichner—and began lobbing insults at BK and calling the agency behind it lazy.

Man on the street characters are anything but new, but Eichner's scream-filled spin is a fresh take that has endeared fans and celebrities alike. The BK spot, with its own shrieking spokesman, might not hit exactly the same notes, but you can understand the grumbling.

Also, the BK spot just isn't that funny. Eichner's show isn't hilarious because of the format; it's hilarious because of Eichner himself. The BK spot isn't on YouTube. But of course, in the the Internet age, any imitation will be discovered—and ridiculed—eventually, whether it's a sketch show celebrating its 40-year run or a 15-second spot.

Burger King did not immediately respond to AdFreak's requests for comment. But as you can see, McDonald's has already weighed in.

Check out some of the other tweets below.

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