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Won't You Get in Alan Thicke's Bed for a Good Cause?


Perfectly coiffed former Growing Pains patriarch Alan Thicke rolling around on a luxurious king­-size bed: dream or nightmare? It's for a good cause, so be a sport and play along.

Thicke certainly does. The 67­-year-­old actor, talk show host, reality star and Paula Patton ex­-father-in-law is working hard to sell that piece of castoff furniture. He lolls about on his high-thread­-count sheets, eating donuts and reading fake books. While mostly horizontal, he even tags the footboard and autographs some head shots. "Nobody asked for these—I just like signing my face," he says.

You want to own that beautiful mahogany frame (not mattress), you say? You're in luck. Bidding happens online Nov. 22.

The stunt, found at AlanThickesBed.com, is a fundraiser for Canadian nonprofit resale chain ReStore, and proceeds from the auction will go to Habitat for Humanity. The videos come from JWT Canada, which plans a social media campaign that will follow the bed from Los Angeles to Toronto.

Credits below.

Client: ReStore/Habitat for Humanity
Agency: JWT Canada
Chief Creative and Integration Officer: Brent Choi
Creative Director: Ryan Spelliscy
Art Director: Dan Bache 
Copywriter: Henry Park
Senior Producer: Shelby Spigelman
Account Team: Lezlie Grossman, Kathleen Dusk, Corrine Luxon, Victoria Radziunas, Melanie Reiffenstein
Client Team: Rob Lee, Lisa Bogart, Joanna Dwyer
Digital Design Team: Patrick Schroen, Bruno Medugno
Director: Only Child (Mike Andrews, Daniel Mabe)
Director of Photography: Roman Jakobi
Production Company: Descendants TV 
Executive Producers: Tasha Litt, Gerard Cantor
Producer: Anton Laines
Postproduction: Alter Ego, AXYZ   
Editing House: Saints Editorial
Editor: Raj Ramnauth
Executive Producer: Michelle Rich
Colorist: Clinton Homuth        
Flame Artist: James Andrews, AXYZ

Producer: Karen Huybers

Music: Silent Joe
Creative Director: Trevor Allan
Producer, Music Supervisor: Jane Heath

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