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Totino's Beat Everyone to This Year's Super Bowl by Live-Tweeting It a Day Early


Brands will gather in their social-media war rooms tonight, still attempting to top Oreo's lightning-in-a-bottle template for real-time Super Bowl marketing. But in a sense, they've already lost. That's because whackadoodle snack brand Totino's Pizza, already well known for its absurd antics, live-tweeted the Super Bowl last night.

At first, many thought it was an accident—that perhaps their tweets auto-published on the wrong day. But it soon became clear that it was a big joke. And behind all the terrible-on-purpose spelling errors and clichéd phrasing was a sophisticated, hilarious, snark-laden mockery of the entire process—showing us just how ridiculous and sometimes phoned-in "real-time" marketing can be.

If every brand and their mother can release their Super Bowl ads ahead of the game, why not fake-leak your (largely pre-planned) game tweets, too?

Take a look below at Totino's rollicking (and at times super weird) take on the state of social media marketing—and how you can exploit the Super Bowl before it even happens.

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