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This Agency's Weekly 'Clean the Fridge' Emails Are a Thing of Beauty


No workplace email gets trashed faster than a mass reminder to clean out the company refrigerator. Heck, I wouldn't even bother to open one. (Such an email, I mean. The fridge—I'd open that, sure. I've got to stow my Limburger-onion hoagies someplace.)

At Boston agency Allen & Gerritsen, however, the weekly "Clean the fridge" emails are savored like delicacies thanks to facilities associate Mike Boston, who also happens to be a local hip-hop artist. Each Friday, Boston (yes, it's his name and where he lives, deal with it) cooks up a sweet confection of pop-culture references, employee/client riffs and in-jokes designed to remind staff to remove their leftovers from the premises.

His couplets blow the doors off the fridge:
"Chickens go from so sad to so mad, it's so bad
Clucking 'round the ham like a nomad with no dad."

And they expose moldy (nay, "fuzzy") dregs to the masses:
"Those cuddly-wuddly eyes! How could I deny you?
Spoon-fed with hummus love.
Where in the fridge'd they hide you?"

Tasty puns are on the menu:
"Clean your spoon wisely.
Fork you and have a knife day!"

As are some appetizing free verse reminders:
"Please claim your food in the refrigerators or label it.
This is the one time it's ok to put a label on things."

Lest anyone think Boston is just a bard of the break room, he's begun to put his stamp on the agency's creative product, writing and recording a track for the Boston Celtics' "Green Runs Deep" campaign.

Check out a few of his full emails below. Dude's rhymes are fresh. Even if the food isn't.

Photo: Indi Samarajiva/Flickr

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