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Ad of the Day: Tinder Plus Takes a Girl on Wild Adventures in Love, Sex and Travel


Monday's release of Tinder Plus, the paid version of the popular dating app, was met with a certain amount of consternation, particularly among elderly users over 30. But this 90-second spot for the premium version is something most people will be able to get cozy with.

Created by MagnaCarta.tv and director Matthew K. Firpo (who've done lots of Tinder ads in the past), the spot—structured almost like the popular one-second-a-day videos—plays out as a girl's fast-paced reminiscence of a recent vacation. And quite the vacation it was—powered mostly, it seems, by Tinder.

It's international in scope, as she goes from London to Paris to Istanbul, which helps to demonstrate one of Tinder Plus's key new features, "Passport," which let you search a new location without actually being there. It also briefly shows off the "Rewind" feature, which lets you undo a swipe-left and not lose that person into the ether.

The spot is stylish, youthful, nicely shot and full of energy, thanks to the track "Class Historian" by Broncho. It's also a great conceptual fit for the service it promotes—it doesn't linger on any image for more than a second before you're on to the next one.

It's a pretty straightforward swipe-right.

Client: Tinder
Production Company: MagnaCarta.tv
Executive Producer: Maximilian Guen
Director: Matthew K. Firpo
Cinematographer: Jordan T. Parrott
Additional Cinematography: Jake Saner
Sound Mix: Luciano Vignola
Editorial + Color: Matthew K. Firpo
Associate Producer: Rosanna Bach
Song: "Class Historian" by Broncho
Featuring: Allison Lanier & Steve Wittman

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