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Delta Feels a Road Warrior's Pain in Charming Ad About the Most Grueling of Trips


Traveling constantly for work can suck, and Delta wants you to know it understands.

A new ad from Wieden + Kennedy New York tackles that familiar trope, as a drone of a man trudges through relatable little first-world indignities—the electronic keycard to his hotel room not working, getting lost going for a run in foreign streets, ironing a tie he's still wearing (but wait ... isn't that how everybody does it at home, too?).

The whole spot hangs on the pensive singsong 1970 recording "Love You" by pop group The Free Design (also, how Suzanne Vega's 1987 classic "Tom's Diner" might sound if it were a nursery rhyme). The track is hypnotizing, if maybe a little preachy or misleading, implying the sad sack should be better enjoying his surroundings, some of which are stunning.

He does make the most of his suffering ... maybe? To some degree? Looking at the views? Talking to people? Eating different foods? But mostly his face says it's a lonely, alienating and exhausting trek.

The creatives also might peek through the curtain a little (sick of leaving loved ones behind to go on shoots?), but it doesn't really matter. The images are generic enough examples of business travel that the guy could just as easily be in plastics.

Eventually, he makes it to a safe haven ... the plane.

"It's not home, but with every well-considered detail, it becomes one step closer," says the voiceover. True as that may be, it certainly puts a positive spin on the situation, given that yet another intercontinental flight might actually end up being the least comfortable part of the whole ordeal.

Client: Delta Air Lines
Project: "On the Road"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman and David Kolbusz
Creative Directors: Sean McLaughlin and John Parker
Copywriter: Eric Helin + Jean Sharkey
Art Director: Mathieu Zarbatany + Devin Sharkey
Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski
Broadcast Producer: Cheryl Warbrook + Helen Park
Brand Strategist: Meranne Behrends + Sam Matthews
Account Team: Liz Taylor, Meghan Mullen, Jasmina Almeda
Business Affairs: Sara Jagielski, Keri Rommel, Sonia Bisono, Rylee Millerd

Production Company: Epoch
Director: Martin de Thurah
Managing Director: Mindy Goldberg
Executive Producer: Melissa Culligan
Head of Production: Megan Murphreee
Producer: Michaela Johnson
Production Supervisor: Terry Gallagher

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Mikkel Nielsen
Executive Producer: Eve Kornblum
Post Producer: Jen Milano
Post Executive Producer:
Editorial Assistant: Misha Kozlov

VFX Company: The Mill
VFX Lead Flame: Nathan Kane
Colorist: Fergus McCall
VFX Flame Artists: Krissy Nordella, Ben Kwok, and Jamin Clutcher
VFX CG Artists:
Producer: Colin Moneymaker

Sound Studio: Sonic Union
Sound mixer: Steve Rosen / Fernando Ascani
Producer: Melissa Tanzer + Justine Cortale


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