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3 Salty Old Wives Shout Lies About Diesel in Sweet, Silly Ads From Volkswagen


Your cranky straight-talking grandmother might not think much of diesel engines, but Volkswagen would like her—and you—to reconsider.

"Old Wives Tales," a new campaign from Deutsch LA for the automaker's Passat TDI, features the Golden Sisters, who rose to fame with their salty commentary on Kim Kardashian's sex tape back in 2012. Now, the trio are riding around in a VW, sounding off on diesel cars—and getting it wrong.

They weigh in on rappers (dismissively, of course) and play "Who's on First" with the question of whether the car is even running—because aren't diesel engines supposed to be loud? While looking for a gas station, they start obsessing over food—Italian, in this case (the real-life siblings were all born Conticchio, in the Bronx)—though their heritage could, in many moments, just as easily be another variety of old, white and loud.

In other words, the four spots are all set pieces that showcase a certain type of gleefully abrasive charm—a shtick that will appeal best to the demographic that knows and loves the caricature. It's a nice vehicle for the message. People who bear these misconceptions are likely more concerned with volume than accuracy, so don't be like them (even if you think they're funny).

The best moment by far is a close-up of what might be the world's ugliest dog (a cameo that deserves credit for extra cutting against the grain of everyone everywhere putting adorable puppies in their ads). And in a discovery on which more mercenary brands should capitalize, it turns out even marketing hashtags like #tunameltsmyheart are less obnoxious when yelled by an old woman—probably because you don't have a choice but to forgive them for being cheesy.

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: Deutsch LA
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Chief Digital Officer: Winston Binch
Executive Creative Director: Todd Riddle
Digital Executive Creative Director: Jerome Austria
Group Creative Directors: Heath Pochucha, Tom Pettus
Art Director: Alice Blastorah
Copywriters: Shiran Teitelbaum, William Sawyer
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Executive Integrated Producer: Erik Press
Integrated Producer: Win Bates
Group Account Directors: Tom Else, Monica Jungbeck
Account Director: Alex Gross
Account Supervisor: Aleks Rzeznik
Account Executive: Ashley Broughman
Director of Product Information: Jason Clark
Product Information Supervisor: Eddie Chae
Chief Strategy Officer: Colin Drummond
Senior Digital Strategist: Brendon Volpe
Group Planning Director: Susie Lyons
Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Abilino Guillermo
Group Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Gabriela Farias
Business Affairs Manager: Jade McAdams
Director or Broadcast Traffic: Carie Bonillo
Broadcast Traffic Manager: Courtney Tylka
Production Company: LMNO Productions
Director: Eric Schotz
Executive Producer: Ed Horwitz
Editing: Union Editorial
Editor: Paul Plew
Assistant Editor: Otto Mertins
President: Michael Raimondi
Senior Producer: Rob McCool
Postproduction, Sound Studio: Resolution
Producer: Logan Aires
Mixer: Milos Zivkovic

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