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Ad of the Day: PNC's Dreamy Commercial Imagines the Ultimate Fairy-Tale Wedding


Fairy-tale weddings aren't seen as particularly cool in advertising these days, not since the industry discovered girl power. (As those famous Mercy Academy ads reminded girls back in 2013, when the tide was really turning: "Life's not a fairytale.")

But PNC Bank isn't worried about that. The company goes all-in with this gorgeous ad from Deutsch, imagining the ultimate fairy-tale union. And regressive or not, it will surely prove irresistible to many dads as they ponder their daughters' futures.

The spot looks fantastic. The teddy bear, hummingbirds and unicorn horn were all created in CGI, and the agency made more than 100 unique, whimsical costumes for the wedding guests. (Visual effects was done by The Mill, and the costume designer was Florencia Tellado.) There are six items at the wedding that can be seen in the little girl's room: the hummingbirds on her curtains, the boy band (on a poster), ballerina statues, the unicorn book, the teddy bear and the toy soldier on her nightstand.

The actress playing the bride happened to be an equestrian and could ride the unicorn. The music is perfectly treacly, and there's enough humor in here that you might expect the ad to take a left turn at the end (which it doesn't).

As for the appeal of a fantasy wedding? The ad actually seems to suggest this might just be Dad's vision alone, not the little girl's at all. Won't he be surprised 25 years from now when he's socked away $100,000 and all she wants is a backyard party.

"It's every father's dream to give his daughter everything she has ever imagined, and more. And in our new campaign, 'Know,' we use emotional storytelling to highlight how PNC helps insight happen through the tools, guidance and experiences we offer," says Deborah Van Valkenburgh, svp of strategic brand management, corporate marketing, at PNC Bank.

"By giving our customers a clear view of both their everyday and long-term finances, we help eliminate the 'financial noise' that surrounds them and give them the confidence to achieve their financial goals. So just in case a unicorn or boy band is needed at a dream wedding, we can help make it happen."

Client: PNC Bank
Agency: Deutsch, New York
Director: Albert Kodagolian
Production Company: Interrogate
Effects: The Mill
Costumes: Florencia Tellado

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