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Preteen Rapper and Dance Crew Recruited for Kids' Tablet Spot


Precocious kiddie talent is always a reliably entertaining route in youth marketing. Our favorite example is probably the crazy Weetabix spot with then-9-year-old British street-dance phenom Arizona Snow. Now, a new spot for Fuhu's Nabi2 kids' tablet enlists not just dancers but a budding rapper to deliver the pitch. The commercial, by agency mOcean, features a rap by 10-year-old Lil P-Nut (aka Benjamin Flores Jr.) and a dance routine by The Art of Teknique—two 11-year-olds and a 10-year-old who competed on America's Got Talent last year. Lil P-Nut doesn't actually appear in the ad—that's the Art of Teknique kids lip-syncing the lyrics. Rapping and dancing would seem to have little to do with using a tablet, but Fuhu says it's a broader metaphor about the "art of genius"—that it enlisted kids who excel in music and dance to tell the brand's story about helping kids achieve their best in learning, playing and growing. Credits below.

Client: Fuhu
Product: Nabi2 tablet

Agency: mOcean
Executive Creative Director: Christianne Brooks
Director of Client Services: Mike Braue
Copywriters: Erik Moe, C. Dubb
Assistant Account Executive: Shira Shane

Production Company: mOcean
Director: Peter McKeon
Director of Photography: Kevin Sarnoff
Executive Producer: Teresa Antista
Line Producer: Don Anderson
Producer: Andrew Wright
Editing House: mOcean
Editor: Philippe Bergerioux
Producer: Andrew Wright

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