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Moe's Southwest Grill Just Made a Real Electric Guitar Out of a Giant Tortilla Chip


Now that Moe's Southwest Grill has taken to calling its free queso day "Quesopalooza," it's entirely logical that it would build a playable electric guitar out of a giant tortilla chip.

No wait, that's totally insane. No wonder this spot is so much fun!

"We started talking about how cool it would be to create an actual guitar out of chips," says Moe's creative director Brandon Friedman. "Then we said, what if it could actually play? And finally, we felt like we needed to give it that extra rock touch by smashing it, which gave us the perfect transition to promote the queso and the event."

Moe's called on Atlanta Props to construct three real chip guitars, and the man doing the Pete Townshend job on it is their main prop expert. Makes sense. We thought he seemed too confident in his craft to be an actor.

It's possible some might see the painstaking work of constructing a crunchtastic edible guitar—at least for the reasons shown in the video—to be a waste. We respectfully disagree. This is an unorthodox, right-brain concept that does a really good job promoting Quesopalooza, and the visual is cool enough to justify the bizarre effort behind it.

Agency: Focus Brands
Client: Moe's
ECD: Jon Gordon
CD/CW: Brandon Friedman
AD: Dave Taylor
Designer: Mindy Post
VP, Global Marketing: Dominic Losacco
Director of Marketing: Lauren Barash

Production Company: Unit 3C (Moxie)
Director: Chris Bailey
Group CD: Erik Hostetler
Editor: Christopher Boyle
Producer: Wendy Wheless
Project Manager, Cortney Boyd
Project Coordinator, Matthew Dougherty

Color: Crawford Communications

Sound Design: Michael Wynne,

Props: Atlanta Props

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