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Caregivers Speak From the Heart in These Affecting Ads for Senior Living Centers


Who will be taking care of me?

That's one of the scariest questions facing seniors as they move into assisted living. In a new campaign from The Buntin Group, Brookdale Senior Living shows viewers exactly who its caregivers are—and how invested they are in their residents—while trying to counter some persistent stigmas about senior living.

In a millennial-obsessed culture, the traditional dialogue about aging and "old folks' homes" can be dispiriting. But with these new ads, Brookdale hopes to evolve the perception of senior living and show how its network of centers—the largest in the country, with some 80,000 associates and 100,000 residents—can transform lives.

The campaign features real Brookdale associates telling unscripted stories about their connection to residents. In short, the work tries humanize facilities that have long been associated with doing the opposite.

Client: Brookdale Senior Living

Agency: The Buntin Group
Jeffrey Buntin Jr, Chief Strategy Officer
Ray Reed, VP, Group Creative Partner
Tom Gibney, SVP, Director of Content Production
Jason Skinner, VP, Group Creative Partner
Angie Melgar, Designer
Ben Hurston, Copywriter
Marissa Harkai, Senior Project Manager
Ben Thomas, SVP, Channel Engagement Director
Danna Grigson, Media Supervisor
Liz Diekman, SVP, Group Account Director
Jessi Olson, Management Supervisor

Film Production: Radical Media
Director, Brett Froomer
Exec. Producer, Jim Bouvet
Producer, Diane Castrup

Edit: Filmworkers Nashville

Audio: NPALL

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