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Ad of the Day: Office Depot Has Comically Snarky Little Holiday Gifts for Your Co-Workers


In this fun, snarky Office Depot campaign, McCann New York turns boring old office supplies into amusingly pointed workplace-themed holiday gifts.

Let's say one of your co-workers is constantly stealing your pens to take notes during staff meetings. (Not me, obviously. I'd never do that.) Perhaps a certain cube-mate blasts music nobody else in the department can stand. (Hey, everyone in my department loves Slayer! Don't they?) Or maybe a colleague gets weird whenever somebody tries to shake his or her hand. (Keep your germy paws off me, dammit!)

Now, thanks to Office Depot's Co-Worker Collection, you can bestow upon such folks a festive package like "Stop Stealing All My Pens" pens, "Keep Your Death Metal to Yourself" headphones or "No Longer Avoid Shaking Hands" hand sanitizer, among many other holiday delights.

Of course, the products are run-of-the-mill. But the comical stickers on the products are real—available in stores and to print out from home if you order online.

It's a cute concept with a smidge of edginess. And its real-world applications put a fresh spin on the familiar office-humor advertising meme. Best of all, the complaints to HR—and resulting harassment lawsuits—will be the gifts that keep on giving, long into the new year!

See more spots from the campaign below.

Client: Office Depot

Agency: McCann New York
North American Chief Creative Officer - Eric Silver
Co-Chief Creative Officer - Tom Murphy
Co-Chief Creative Officer - Sean Bryan
Group Creative Director - Steve Doppelt
Group Creative Director - Daniel Rodriguez
Copywriter – Sarah Menacho
Art Director – Mikey Harmon
Co-Head Account Management - Neil Frauenglass
Group Account Director - Dina Hovanessian
Account Executive - Christopher Alexander
Senior Project Manager - Matt McLaughlin
Executive Strategy/Analytics Director – Christine Villanueva
Chief Production Officer - Nathy Aviram
Senior Producer – Dave Herman
Business Affairs - Erin Levine
SVP, Executive Music Producer - Eric Johnson
Junior Music Producer - Michael Ladman

Production Company: OPC TV Inc.
Director: Max Sherman

Editor: Colin Loughlin
Editorial Company: CRAFT
Music Company: CRAFT
Mix Studio: CRAFT
Graphics: CRAFT

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