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Stove Top's Millennial Hipster Pilgrim Implores You to Eat Stuffing All Day Every Day


It must be frustrating to be a brand whose product is so closely associated with a single holiday that it seems odd to have it any other time. Stove Top stuffing is in that boat, but it tends to take out its frustrations through comedy—including a raft of new spots starring the "Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim," a millennial character who defies his Pilgrim forebears by encouraging rather than forbidding the eating of stuffing on days other than Thanksgiving.

The campaign, by CP+B, includes four online videos (two have been released so far) as well as wild postings. And AHP is also, of course, on Instagram. The approach is almost the exact opposite of a 2012 campaign in which a Pilgrim patriarch got all ornery about non-Thanksgiving stuffing eating, despite claiming he was otherwise quite a modern dude.

The spots are pretty amusing. The character is well cast, and the Kimya Dawson-esque music bookending the ads completes the faux-twee vibe. Check out the wild posting, along with credits, below.


Client: Stove Top Stuffing
Campaign Title: "Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim"
Agency: CP+B
Chief Creative Officer: Ralph Watson
Executive Creative Director: Adam Chasnow
Creative Directors: D'Arcy O'Neill, Adam Calvert
Senior Art Director: Tyler Gonerka
Senior Copywriter: Emily Salas
Art Director: Jessica Decter
Copywriter: Samantha Mindich
Director of Video Production: Kate Hildebrant
Executive Integrated Producer: Deb Drumm
Integrated Producer: Jamie Slade
Production Company: Hungry Man, Culver City, Calif.
Director: Chris Woods
Director of Photography: Marten Tedin
Line Producer (Production Company): Darrin Ball
Executive Producer (Production Company): Mino Jarjoura
Editorial Company: The Now Corporation, New York
Editor: Owen Plotkin
Assistant Editor: Jessica Farmer
Editorial Executive Producer: Nancy Finn
Typographer: Yomar Augusto
Mix Company: Audio Engine, Phoenix
Audio Engineer: Bob Giammarco
Music Company: JSM Music, New York
Executive Integrated Music Producer: Joel Simon
Telecine Company: Plus Productions, Boulder, Colo.
Colorist: Chadwick Shoults
Group Account Director: Evan Russack
Account Director: Anne Catherine Feeney
Content Manager: Christina Wilder
Group Director, Planning: Kaylin Goldstein
Cognitive Anthropologist: Fabiana Brown
Business Affairs: Daphne Papadopulos
Traffic Manager: Katie Hare

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