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This Agency Has the Perfect Room for Those Who Have Their Best Ideas in the Shower


Everyone knows the shower is the ultimate generator of great creative ideas. So, why are there so few showers in agency meeting rooms?

The folks at Providence, R.I., ad agency Nail had the bright idea, probably while in the shower, of rectifying this problem by (allegedly) building a so-called "(b)rainstorm" room in the office—so the water and the creativity could both flow freely.

There were just a few unforeseen problems with that idea, as you can see below. 

Directed and filmed by Animus Studios
Editor: Roy Power
Director of Photography: Scott Beer
Camera Operator: Andrew Drachman
Producers: Arty Goldstein, Justin Andrews

Nail Credits
Designer: Robert Troutman
Art Directors: Brian Gross, Robert Troutman
Copywriter: Alec Beckett
Producer: Naomi Simmers
Production Assistant: Alison Purwins

On-Screen Talent (in order of appearance):
Brian Gross
Alec Beckett
Colin Gillespie
Dana Haddad
Mary Kate Byrne
Jaki Selwyn
Naomi Simmers
Jack McKenna
Mathiew Madeiros

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