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Zoolander Crashes Barbie's Instagram and Teaches Her How to Do the Blue Steel


And the Blue Steel delights just keep on coming.

Following a Fiat appearance, a bespoke perfume ad campaign and a stunning promotional debut for Zoolander No. 2 on Valentino's catwalk, Derek Zoolander—played by Ben Stiller—has again popped up someplace unexpected but awesome. 

And he's even more plastic than usual.

For the last three days, @BarbieStyle—the official Barbie Instagram, which often depicts the doll as so ingratiatingly #Blessed that a sardonic short-lived parody of her exploded in popularity—has featured a new playmate: the perpetually duck-faced Zoolander.

Among other things, he helps Barbie pick out handbags, discover her inner Blue Steel (officially the closest we've ever come to liking Barbie as a person) and challenge Ken to a "walk-off." (We honestly wish this were a real thing; we know enough about bland, WASPy Ken to know he will never refuse, despite his obvious malaise. He may just laugh awkwardly—helplessly—and fake a pee break before escaping to a nearby Starbucks, from whence he will text Barbie to say he's "got a migraine" and to give Derek "all my best.")

But the lulz don't stop there; Hansel, played by Owen Wilson, and Penelope Cruz's Valentina also make cameos. Our favorite guest star, though, is Kristen Wiig's aging and totally "refurbished" Alexanya, whose doll sports the wacky Masonic breadsticks-of-Panem hairstyle that so effectively crowned her media debut. (Extra credit: Watch Alexanya punt a creepy cosmetic called Youth Milk.)

We hope, with all our force, that the fun isn't over, because the last time we were this interested in Barbie, we could still fit into a tiny pink Jeep. 

Some of our favorite posts appear below, but follow their slow sullying of the annoyingly sunny everygirl on the @BarbieStyle Instagram account.

The moment it all began.

Beach babes.

Interpol finally arrives.

In which Ken looks lost—both in his own clothes and in life. Where is mother?

Barbie's got some resting bitch face in her! Maybe we have things in common, after all!

Sweet, selfless Hansel.

Alexanya and Barbie on an obvious quest to give other plastic onlookers a spontaneous epileptic attack.

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