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Ad of the Day: This Awesome Billboard Lets Tired Drivers Enjoy the Comforts of Home


We've seen lots of billboards over the years that want to provide some kind of utility, beyond just being a blight on the landscape. Here's the latest example from Peru—a billboard (and accompanying structure) from a home-improvement store that brings the comforts of home to weary drivers who could use a rest.

One in every three road accidents is due to driver fatigue, says the advertiser, Sodimac Homecenter. Many of these accidents happen on the Panamericana Sur Highway, which goes from Lima to the Chilean border and includes a long stretch of nothing but billboards and unscenic flatlands.

So, Sodimac and McCann Lima created a board that functions as a rest stop—where drivers can park for free and nap in a sheltered, single-car garage decorated like a bedroom, with 24/7 security and amenities including a Wi-Fi connection and sleep masks.

The client describes the ad as one that "doesn't just sell you something for your house, but delivers the restful comforts of home when you need it the most."

Adweek spoke to McCann Lima creative Alvaro Soto about the work. "During summer, people leave work on Friday and take the road at night," he says. "In order to make the most out of a weekend at the beach, some of them drive even when extremely tired, and that's when accidents happen."

A second insight was based on the Peruvian advertising market itself. "Every summer there is a fierce dispute among advertisers to get a spot along the highway, making it sort of a  Peruvian Super Bowl ad battle," Soto says. "Sodimac Homecenter is a home improvement store, which firmly believes in its concept: 'Do more.' Inspired by it, we thought, 'Why don't we transform our classic billboard on a place to sleep … so that drowsy drivers have a place to rest as they do at home, and so, prevent these highway accidents? That's how we 'Did more' with our billboard."

Drivers are allowed to rest as much as they need. "In fact, no one stays long hours because they are on their way to somewhere, so we are talking about short stays on average," Soto says. "There is no long waiting line, but there are people who stop by with their families or friends to take pictures, making the billboard a must-see along the way."

Client: Sodimac Homecenter
Agency: McCann Lima
CCO: Mauricio Fernández Maldonado/ Nicolás Romanó/ Christian Caldwell
Creative Directors: Jomi Rivera / Erick Galván
Copywriters: Alvaro Soto
Art Director: Kevin Contreras
Graphic Designer: Luis Veliz
CEO: Max Gutierrez
Account VP: Andrea Roselló
Account Director: Mirjana Slavkovic
Account Executive: Daphne Kizner
Account Assistant: Sandra Velasquez
Strategic Planner: Alessandra Noceda
Production: Carla Dextre
Production House: Saturno
Post Production House: Highend
Audio House: Audiosuite
Media Agency: Starcom
Billboard Implementation: Petty

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