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Mexico Surprises U.S. Workaholics With Versions of Themselves Who Actually Take a Holiday


The Lapiz agency's "Doppelgänger Tourists" campaign shames workaholics Mike and Ann into taking vacations ... by introducing them to their dopplegängers, who have been living it up in Mexico.

Oh, yeah: The campaign is promoting vacations. In Mexico. 

After establishing that both sets of Mikes and Anns find themselves attractive, the dopplegängers show the originals footage from their Mexico vacations, heavy on swimming and Mayan ruins, and effectively poke their FOMO glands with sharpened sticks.

Once the original Mike and Ann feel bad enough about their life choices, their duplicates sweeten the pot, prompting many emotions.

The concept of this ad could have been super creepy (and still kind of is), but the tone and color palette they used is really disarming. One has to wonder what else those dopplegängers have been up to, though, and whether or not they filmed it. And are they really dopplegängers at this point, or have they moved on to parallel/mirror universe selves?

See, this is why we stopped reading comic books. This is all way too confusing.

Client: Mexico Tourism Board
Agency: Lapiz
Campaign: Live It To Believe It
Name of ad: Doppelgänger Tourists
Creative Director: Lizette Morazzani
Creative Director: Carlos "Ia" Murad
Associate Creative Director: Flavio Pina
Creative: Fabio Seidl
Creative Resources: Julie Ptasinski
Account Director: Ernesto Adduci
Account Supervisor: Pablo Sabouret
Senior Account Executive: Maria Bonet
Executive Producer: Aldo Gagliardi
Producer: Bobby Gruenberg
Producer: Juale Chavez
Planning Director: Felipe Cabrera
Planner: Isabella Villalobos
Production Company: Farm League
Director: Britton Caillouette
VFX/SPX: Filmworkers
Editorial: Beast
Editor: Dean Gonzalez
Music Company: Future Perfect

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