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Think You Can't Zoom In on an Instagram Photo? Sony Xperia Figured Out a Clever Way


To demonstrate the photographic precision and power of its Xperia Z5 smartphone camera, Sony Mobile has created an Instagram image that you can actually zoom in on.

Obviously, Instagram doesn't offer a zoom feature—to the frustration of many a lurking Instagrammer. But French agency Rosbeef made do with what was available.

When you click on this first image—a Where's Waldo-caliber clusterfuck of weird things happening around an otherwise innocuous Parisian Haussmann building—a tag appears. When you click on the tag, you're driven to another account, where the first image has been broken down into a cluster of separate photos. (The copy explains the concept, and also gives you the chance to win two tickets to the Champions League semi-finals.) 

The first click gets you here, and this is where you can start making interesting choices:

You can zoom up to five times (hence the Z5) before you're sent back to square one. For research purposes, we clicked on the T-Rex, which ultimately led us to a tiny penguin in a window, chillin' alongside a diminutive King Kong: 

But don't take out word for it; play with it on your own.

There are a few strategic plusses to this approach: It's an imaginative use of social mechanics and totally native to the platform. Over 100 Instagram accounts were created to give this bad-boy life. And when you start digging into the nitty-gritty details, you end up spending a lot of time with the ad itself, which nicely expresses the tactile sensation of a 5x zoom (though it's confusing to see figures like X3, X4 and X5, which appear as you progress, when the product is actually called Z5).

As for that whole Champions League thing: From April 4 to 18, users can poke around for a secret code hidden within the experience. As mentioned, if you win, you score two tickets to the semifinals, for which Sony Mobile is an official partner.

The video below shows the campaign in action. 


Advertiser: Sony Mobile France
Alexandra De Chazeaux, Head Of Brand Marketing
Agency: Rosbeef!
Agency Managers: Victoria Schnell, Antoine David, Frans Mccabe
Head Of Creatives: Frans Mccabe
Head Of Strategy: Antoine David
Art Supervisor: Melody Hary
Da: Paul Viollet
Digital & Social Media: Xavier Delelis-Fanien, Michael Gayet, Marc Minart, Eva Charpentier, Pierre-Edouard Vidal, Pauline Pecorini
Media Agency: Mediacom

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