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This Bank Made a Couple of 120-Year-Old ATMs, and They're So Money


Saatchi & Saatchi partied like it was 1899 in a this campaign for CIB Bank, building two ATMs that looked 120 years old to celebrate a neighborhood anniversary in Budapest. 

The city held Budapest100 this month, which is a festival celebrating city buildings and other infrastructure that are at least a century old. This year's event focused on Grand Boulevard, which turned 120—and happens to house five branches of CIB Bank. So, Saatchi took the client back to a decade filled with turmoil, when new technologies revolutionized Hungarian society—the 1890s. 

The central attraction was two antique-looking CIB automated teller machines run by steam-powered gears … and the creativity of the Saatchi team.

In a departure from your typical ATMs, these steampunk masterpieces took people's photos and printed "personalized bank notes" with their faces on them. The underlying message of the campaign was that banking services can be modern in any era so long as a company has innovative thinking. (In that vein, CIB recently released a mobile banking app.)

It would have been cooler if the machines dispensed real cash, and if everyone on hand were dressed up as flappers. But it makes a certain kind of sense: With mobile banking, real cash is going the way of the steam engine—so why not play with toy money instead? 

More pics below.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Budapest
Client: CIB Bank
Creative Director: Andrea Toth
Art Directors: Korinna Tánczos, Tamás Szalkai
Copywriter: Orsolya Nagymáté
Account Director: Zsuzsanna Döbrei
Account Executive: Edit Pálfi
Project Coordinator: Orsi Kmetty
Production Designer: Magdolna Varga / Prop Club

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