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This Stroller Brand Made an Exact Adult-Size Replica So Parents Could Test-Ride It


Every new parent probably wishes someone would come along and push them around in a stroller for a change. A few lucky moms and dads got to live that fantasy, and give their feet a rest, thanks to an adult-sized test stroller from manufacturer Kolcraft.

The marketer and agency FCB Chicago say they designed the outsized baby carriage to show parents how smooth a ride on the brand's Contours Bliss wheels actually is—because the reviews of infants and toddlers tend not to be so articulate.

"The problem with shopping for baby strollers is that babies can't tell you how they ride or feel, and parents can't fit into them," explains FCB Chicago chief creative officer Todd Tilford. "We solved the problem. Now parents can shop informed."

The promo video makes it clear that what Kolcraft really wanted was to film a bunch of grown-ups acting like their young offspring—and the gawking reactions of other passersby while yuppies sit giggling and sucking their thumbs in a giant rolling seat.

It's a delightfully absurd sight, and an equally good, if not entirely better, goal than the purported one of proving how great the brand's products are.

The real question, though, is when Kolcraft will make the adult strollers widely available for purchase, so parents and lazy people everywhere can truly enjoy them.

Client: Kolcraft/Contours

Agency: FCB Chicago
Todd Tilford: Chief Creative Officer / Chief Creative Officer
Max Geraldo: SVP, Executive Creative Director / Creative
John Bleeden: SVP, Executive Creative Producer / Producer
Gustavo Dorietto: VP, Creative Director / Art Director
Sue Salvi:  Writer / writer
Megan Kellie: Writer / writer
Tim Mason: Writer
Todd Durston: Writer
Kelley Varga: Senior Producer / producer
Hollie Platte: SVP, Management Director / account

Robert Stockwell, Cinema Libertad: Director, Editor
Lauren Walker, Cinema Libertad: Producer
Ira Amyx, Hero Solutions: Prop Fabricator
Jay  Neander, Hero Solutions: Prop Fabricator

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