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Fruit of the Loom Opened a Fake Lingerie Store to Prove How Fancy Its Panties Really Are


Früt is the hottest new lingerie boutique in town. There's only one catch—all the underwear it sells is from Fruit of the Loom.

In "Welcome to Früt," a campaign by agency Ketchum, the packaged clothing marketer treats shoppers to a new twist on the old bait-and-switch: Opening a chic pop-up store that supposedly sells expensive designer pieces (which are actually just the same old panties you can buy in a bag).

A pair of case study videos claims consumers were lured in by airy fabrics and vibrant patterns, only to discover a dirty secret—they were falling in love with lowbrow underwear.

The dramatic moment of truth—when Fruit of the Loom's logo spins out of its hiding place behind a false wall in the store—is almost comically awkward.

The store's willfully pretentious, umlaut-clad name may be the best part of the campaign. But the overall results are too slick to be particularly convincing, as is often the case with such stunts these days.

But none of that really matters, insofar as the brand gets its point across efficiently—underwear snobs don't know what they're missing, and they're paying more for the "privilege."

The company's latest marketing for men, meanwhile, focuses more directly on comfort while fully embracing the idiocy of that target—an approach which may or may not equally endear women to the brand.


Brand: Fruit of the Loom
Media: DM
Category: Fashion
Agency: Ketchum
Geo: United States
PR Company: Ketchum, New York, USA
Account Executive: Colleen Mattingly

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