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Ad of the Day: See If You Can Guess What This Lady on the Run Is Promoting


We love an ad with some mystery and a lick of runaway glamour. This one's got it in spades, topped with vintage swing from the Zombies' "She's Not There." 

"Never Too Wanted," which came out a couple of days ago, stars a furtive brunette driving in the dark. It brings to mind Woman on the Run, a '50s noir crime film—but if you need a more established reference, we'd use Psycho. 

Perhaps as a tribute to Psycho's own Janet Leigh, our lady pulls up to a diner called Janet's and heads straight for the bathroom, tracked by side-eye from a suspicious waitress. Once alone, she does a lot more than take off her kid leather gloves. 

See the rest, unspoiled: 

That's right. It's an ad for Kohler's strangely sexy Composed Faucet Collection!

There's nothing that unconventional about the spot itself, whose on-the-run chic brings lone wolf hits like Gone Girl to mind. But it's one way Kohler's upped the ad game for an everyday fixture. 

We all have a faucet (or two or three), which makes it basic. We'd all like to have a nice one that works well, but it's probably not enough of a priority to go out of your way for. 

And you definitely don't covet sinkware. (Well, some people do.)

A few years ago, Kohler named DDB Chicago as its new creative agency. Since then, the output has been agreeably refreshing. Last year it released "Never TOO Next," an equally slick ad that followed androids at a housewarming party to advertise a very smart toilet.

We can't wait to see what stories Kohler and DDB appropriate next ... or what they'll use them for.

Client: Kohler
Sr. Vice President, Global Brand Management: Elizabeth Brady
Communications Director: Jamie Van Dixhorn
VP, Executive Creative Director: David Crawford

Agency: DDB Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham
Executive Creative Director: Jean Batthany
Group Creative Director: Nathan Monteith
Associate Creative Director (Art Director): Madeline DeWree
Associate Creative Director (Copywriter): Tyler Booker
Chief Strategy Officer: Jack Perone
Chief Production Officer: Diane Jackson
Executive Producer: Debora den Iseger
Group Business Director: Jenn Nolden
Account Supervisor: Jacqueline Hines
Account Manager: Kirby Summers
Production Manager: Scott Terry
Music Production Manager: Linda Bres

Production Company: Biscuit
Director: Isaiah Seret
DP: Masanobu Takayanagi
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Rick Jarjoura
Head Of Production: Mercedes Allen/Rachel Glaub
Producer: Karen O'Brien

Editorial: Whitehouse
Editor: Matthew Wood
Assistant editor: Luke Sloma
Executive Producer: Kristin Branstetter
Producer: Laurel Connolly

VFX: Jamm Visual
VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor - Jake Montgomery
VFX Supervisor/ CG Lead - Andy Boyd
CG Lead-  Zachary DiMaria
Flame Artist - Patrick Munoz
CG Artist - Kristen Eggleston
CG Artist - Nha Ca Chau
CG Modelling – Hayley O'Neill
Matte Painting – Ram Bhat
CG Tracking - Peregrine McCafferty
CG Tracking - Amelie Guyot
Producer - Ashley Greyson
Executive Producer - Asher Edwards

Color: Company 3
Colorist: Tom Poole
Executive Producer: Clare Movshon

Music House:
Chances With Wolves: Kenan Juska

Audio Post: The Studio, Chicago
Sound engineer(s): Nicholas Papaleo
Sound assistant: Cameron Aper
Audio Post Producer: Stacey Simcik 

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