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This Ad About Dangerous Driving Is 100% Not Headed Where You Think It Is


Imagine a road without rules—one where you can drive like a madman, cut people off at will, and stop wherever you want for an impromptu selfie.

That might sound either awesome or awful. Luckily, none of us has to experience it in real life ... or do we? This riotous spot on the subject veers off into a message you might not see coming:

Have you watched it yet? Ready for spoilers? OK, good, here we go.

This is actually an ad for Wed'ze ski helmets, brought to you by sports retailer Decathlon and French agency Rosapark. The tagline is, simply, "Wear a helmet."

The spot works because it doesn't so much preach as revel in the pleasure of the weird universe its creators have made, and we're carried right along, pretty much willing to roll with anything that comes along.

Of course, it helps that it's ski season, and people think more about the merry that awaits (the whistling wind! And fondue!) than about the accidents they could have. 

A 2015 IFOP study found that two-thirds of skiers fail to wear helmets. It's not that they don't know they should, either—97 percent of kids 10 and under wear one, so what we're facing here is more of a cycling situation: People recognize the need, but just don't want to be bothered.

That's more than a bit silly, given that the helmet is probably the least expensive of all the gear you'll be buying or renting, would probably keep your head warm and isn't more dorky than everything else you have on.

So just wear the damn helmet. And save the selfies for the lodge.

Directed by David Bertram of Standard Films, :20 and :30 versions of the ad will air internationally from starting today. This longer version will be shared via social media.


BRAND : Decathlon

AGENCY : Rosapark
Co-founder: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
Co-founders/CCOs: Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco
Copywriter: Nicolas Gadesaude
Art Director: Julien Saurin
Brand Director: Victor Faubert
Brand Manager: Adélaïde Destaillats
Agency TV Producer: Adélaïde Samani

PRODUCTION: Standard Films
Director: David Bertram
Production Director Domitille Laurens

Sound: Les Kouz

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