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Dead Girl Haunts Beauty-Salon Patrons in Chilling Stunt for Horror Movie


Scaring the crap out of people in their everyday lives is horror-movie marketing 101. There are countless examples—my favorite probably being the old Ring Two stunt that sent people a link to the trailer and then called their cell phone with a petrifying message right afterward. This new video from Thinkmodo for The Last Exorcism Part II is pretty solid, too. They rigged up a mirror at a beauty salon to show fleeting glimpses of a dead girl—clearly unnerving the unsuspecting patrons. Some of them seem more unsuspecting than others, actually, and there's not much point to the profanity—it seems a little gratuitous. Still, the ending is spectacular—as the girl behind the mirror puts her extreme flexibility to good use in an homage to the movie's poster. It's undeniably freaky, and understandably sends the patrons scattering.

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