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Ad of the Day: Legacy


Attention smokers. You're not just destroying yourselves. You might also be destroying the planet.

As Earth Day 2013 has again reminded us, environmental advertising is often not as engaging as it should be. (Seen anything noteworthy today beyond the Google doodle?) But The Butler Bros. and Psyop do a fine job here of dramatizing an issue that likewise doesn't get the expert treatment it deserves. Flicking a cigarette butt into nature doesn't just cause wildfires—the toxic chemicals and carcinogens leach into soil, are poisonous to wildlife, and threaten to contaminate water sources. In fact, cigarette butts are the No. 1 item found on beaches and waterways worldwide and the most-littered item on U.S. roadways, according to Legacy (aka, the American Legacy Foundation).

The micro-to-macro transformation on display in the ad is, first and foremost, eye-catching. But it also nicely serves as a metaphor for the problem—seemingly insignificant, but in truth much larger than you might realize. (You're also not likely to soon forget the URL, RethinkButts.org, if your workplace server hasn't fearfully and pre-emptively blocked it.)

Listen to the 60-second radio spot on the Butler website.

Client: Legacy
Agency: The Butler Bros., Austin, Texas
Creative Directors: Marty Butler / Adam Butler
Writers: Ronny Northrup / Adam Butler
Spanish Translation: Rima, Gabriela Rives
Art Directors: Marty Butler / Ronny Northrop
Producer: Tim Willison
Spanish Language Producer: Myra Spector
Director: Psyop
Executive Producer: Luisa Murray
Producer: Minh Ly
Creative Director: David Chontos
Designer: Lilit Hayrapetyan
Matte Painter: Andrew Park
Lead Flame: Kim Stevenson
Compostior: Jonathan Iwata
3D Lead: Stephen Delalla
Modelers: Brianne Meyer, Kevin Manning, Danka Chiang
Animator: Victor Garza
Lighters: Stephen Delalla, Jonathan Iwata
GFX: Jason Mortimer
Sound Design Company: ESR Studios
Sound Designer: Eric Ryan

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