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Be a Better Son or Daughter This Mother's Day With a Legally Binding 'Momtract'


Sometimes it takes a little boost to be better to your mother. It takes a legally binding contract. Luckily, that's exactly what Mother New York has come up with to celebrate Mother's Day—the one holiday when this ad agency is particularly pressed to deliver the goods. In the video below, learn about the "Momtract," a legal agreement in which you give control over one aspect of your life back to your mother—like the old days. The website explains further:"Momtract gives power over one aspect of your life to your mother, restoring her to the position of authority she enjoyed when you were a child. Follow our easy 5-step process, and start enjoying the emotional benefits of America's premier legally binding gift." The gag is somewhat reminiscent of last year's "labor reparations" Mother's Day stunt from the same agency, which offered a helpful form for you to "calculate and repay the expenses you incurred as a fetus."

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