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Booking.com Follows the Crazy Life of a Booking Hero in W+K's New Campaign


Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam goes big in its new work for Booking.com, with a 60-second spot that tells the epic story of a "booking hero" whose knack for finding the perfect accommodations helps him not only enjoy a great vacation—it helps him fulfill his destiny.

We follow the guy's whole life, from a chance encounter with his future wife in a hostel through a romantic proposal at a chateau—and then through the downs, and mostly ups, of family life and professional success.

Four 30-second spots, with 15-second cut downs, will also roll out soon, along with five contextual online films that match user Google keyword searches.

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We spoke with Genevieve Hoey, creative director at W+K Amsterdam, about the campaign.

AdFreak: What made you choose the idea of heroism for this campaign?
Genevieve Hoey: It's a relatable, human insight—which is our currency for Booking.com. We know people have a small amount of vacation days each year, so it's vital to get vacation accommodation more than "just right." Understandably, people want to absolutely nail their vacation, and that's what this campaign is all about—how Booking.com helps people to get it booking right, leaving them feeling like accommodation heroes. Booking.com's aim is to make every precious trip, booking right. And as you'll see in this year's work, the right accommodation can even be life changing.

Why follow one guy through a series of life changes?
Dennis is an everyman, likable and relatable. Following one guy allows us to dramatize the epic results of a lifetime of well-booked accommodations. We want people to see the potential for themselves to be accommodation heroes and embark on their own journey though Booking.com's vast range of incredible properties.

How outlandish did you want to get with the plot?
We're always writing and honing until the very last minute, working closely with our Booking.com clients. The work this year is definitely dramatized but not exaggerated—it's all in the realm of possibilities. The idea behind each script is rooted in either a Booking customer review or an interesting Booking.com data point. Ultimately we're hoping to delight our fans with the most relatable and entertaining Booking.com work possible.

What was the biggest challenge on this production?
We always shoot in Booking.com locations. The biggest challenge is choosing which ones from their 600,000 properties across the world. This year we wanted to show Booking's wide variety—they have 25 different property types. So, to excite people with the life-changing possibilities at their fingertips, we shot in medieval castles, rustic log cabins, on rooftop infinity pools, in historic penthouse suites and so forth. We worked with A-list director Dante Ariola to create sweeping cinematic odes to vacation greatness, to show people the rewards of getting accommodation booking right, with Booking.com.

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