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Mom Goes Fast and Furious in a Minivan in Famous Footwear's 'Momkhana' Video


Parents who are perpetually late in dropping their kids off at school, take note. This new Famous Footwear video shows you how to arrive on time and in style.

It shows stuntwoman Shauna Duggins tearing through quiet suburban streets in her minivan—which happens to be customized with a 550-horsepower engine—to get her kids to a Famous Footwear store. It's not just fast driving: She performs donuts in cul-de-sacs and weaves between recycling bins to complete her mission.

The video, created by digital shop Shareability, is called "Momkhana"—a parody of the intense driving style "gymkhana," which was popularized by rally car driver Ken Block. (It's not totally clear what any of this has to do with footwear, but then again, Block's videos were sponsored by his own D.C. Shoes brand.)

While the children in the video aren't actually hers (and were replaced by mannequins for the especially dangerous stunts), Duggins was selected because she actually is a mother. It also helps that she's got impressive driving skills and apparently no fear of high speeds. (If you want to see how the video was pulled off, check out the behind-the-scenes video below.) 

Needless to say, you shouldn't start tearing through your own neighborhood like this. But if you see Duggins in your rearview mirror, you might want to pull over and let her pass. 

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