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Ad of the Day: Pizzeria Uses Periscope-Tracked Delivery Runners to Avoid Carbon Emissions


How do you deliver pizza without hurting the environment? This chain in London got runners to do it.

Sodo, a U.K. pizzeria that specializes in locally and ethically sourced ingredients, has avoided delivery altogether because it requires using cars, which pollute the environment. 

But as part of a low-cost marketing gimmick, TBWA London and a local running club worked with the brand to bring customers their orders. Live Periscope streams helped users follow their food in real-time as runners dashed to their destinations. Recipients could also message them with shortcuts.

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Proceeds from the one-day campaign went to a local running charity called Run Dem Crew. The stunt was such a success that the brand sold out of pizzas in three hours, and has decided to bring it back as a monthly event. 

It's a fun idea, even if it's not immediately clear why—apart from the schadenfreude-tinged novelty of watching people race to bring you junk food—the approach is better than the more tried-and-true method of green delivery: the bicycle.

Plus, if Sodo were really concerned about the health of its customers, it would make them run to get their own pizzas.

Client: Sodo
Agency: TBWA London

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