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Friends Strip Down in an American Diner to Plug This French Home-Delivery Food Service


A few years ago here in Paris, people were hard-pressed to find a food delivery service. This changed with the launch of Allo Resto, which enabled Parisians to score delivery from lots of different kinds of restaurants—as long as they were reasonably close to home and you didn't mind waiting, like, two hours. 

Those grievances were annoying, but it didn't really matter because Allo Resto was alone in the market. Today, though, it faces tons of competition from faster, more efficient brands, including Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Foodora—which can deliver food from higher-scale restaurants, further away, in an average of 30 minutes. 

So, to build some brand equity back up, Allo Resto tapped agency La Chose to launch an ad campaign that highlights its diversity of food options and the perks of eating at home. The concept is simple: Each ad focuses on a table in the middle of a crowded restaurant, where a group of people—or just one person—is behaving a little too comfortably in a public setting. 

The most recent one, "The American Resto," features a group of friends playing some variation of a strip card game. The gag is super-visual and fast-paced, with little touches—like clothes strewn about the restaurant—that drive it home:

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You've probably observed that nakedness seems to be a theme in French ads, though we will point out that there are lots of great ads where people wear clothes. But it is true that nakedness as comic relief is more common here than in the U.S. Just sayin': We noticed you noticing. 

Previous variants of the Allo Resto campaign are untranslated, but easy to get at a glance and feature people who are (more or less) fully dressed.

In "The Italian Resto," launched two months ago, two parents and their kids chase each other around a table while playing a raucous game of "cowboys and Indians," another trope you don't see much in the American market ... at least not anymore:

And in "The Japanese Resto," launched in December, a girl in a towel and face mask lounges over her rolls while chatting obnoxiously on the phone with a friend:

Each ends with the same tagline: "Allo Resto: Restaurant food, home comforts." So, go do you without bothering anyone, and order at home where you can play strip poker, or whatever it is you like, without weirding anybody out. (But if you really want your food before the game's over, maybe try Deliveroo or Foodora. It's a problem!)

Client: Allo Resto
General Director: Gilles Raison
Marketing Director: Karine Bruère
Brand Lead: Thomas De Vaux

Agency: La Chose
Creative Director: Pascal Grégoire
Copywriter: Antoine Defaye
Artistic Directors: Joris Tripier-Mondancin, Hugo Morius
TV Production Lead: Nicolas Buisset
Art Purchasing Leads: Laure Bouvet, Melissa Joffroy, Amélie Crinon
Strategic Planner: François Peretti
Account Directors: Florence Couvidat, Camille Piget, Thibault Salaun
PR, Communications Director: Barka Zérouali

Production House: Iconoclast
Director: Adrien Armanet
Photographer: Sacha Goldberger

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